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About Us

India Website Designer was thought of for benefit of clients of Anubhooti Internet, a Delhi based domain name registration and web hosting company. But, as the work progressed target audience of this site has widened and now includes any person who has some kind of online presence, be it as small as having an email id.

Rita is engaged in Online Media industry since 2002, managing Online Brand Identity, for her clients. To her credit she has many SEO projects too. Since these projects were done as 3rd party projects, hence urls can’t be revealed.

Rita has launched a community website – http://iamjain.com/ To begin with she is using Google Apps for providing free ~15GB mail box to the users of this domain. Anyone from Jain community can get an email id @ iamjain.com.

Ajay is an entrepreneur and IT / Web and Media consultant. He used to deal with Online Media industry and space selling solutions for online / print media. In print media he has handled publications from East India,  North-East India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In online space to his credit he had conceptualized and executed a b2c portal, which reached break even point just in 18 months of it’s launch.

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